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New Piggy!

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So yesterday I adopted a new piggy and named him Carlton. I held him a lot today and he is pretty skittish. He is also extremely bony weighing only .95lbs. I feel like I'm going to break him every time I pick him up. I'm not used to his long hair and accidentally pulled on it when I was picking him up. =[ He squeaked a lil' bit. I have to remind myself to watch out for the long locks next time tee hee! Supposedly he is around 3 months old. He came from a girl who didn't want him because she didn't have enough time for him. I'm thinking he was on a pretty crappy diet for how bony and hungry he is. She would also put him in an exercise ball! She asked me if I wanted the ball and I said no because guinea's have bad backs so the balls could cause them injury. I guess she didn't know and he was being fed a nasty pellet mix. Poor lilttle fluffball. =[ I'm glad I can give him a new home and provide the love & care he wasn't getting. During his quarantine time he will be in a store bought cage and then will join my other piggy in the c&c cage. I can't wait until the 21 days is up! I'm hoping they will get along. I'm glad I finally found a boy for my my Cadbury to have a friend! I just love them both so much. I'm obsessed with my fur babies.

Here's Carlton!

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  1. SFailed186's Avatar
    Boy, I thought my new Abby had long hair... Haha. : )
  2. Stef41's Avatar
    What a DOLL!!!

    Congrats!!!!! He is a stunning boy!!!
  3. MyLittlePiggy07's Avatar
    Hehehehe. Thanks you two! He is quite the character. I'm so happy to have him!
  4. kathlaaron's Avatar
    WOW is he cuuuute ! He reminds me of a porcupine with his long spikey hair !, he has such long hair too for a baby, do you know what breed he is ?

    I have an Abby and she is 4 1/2 months old, so I do not think he is an abby, but I do wonder what breed he is though !! Do you think he may be a Peruvian ? They have long hair. I too am so glad for you that you were able to find a buddy for Cadbury !
  5. MyLittlePiggy07's Avatar
    Thanks!! =] Yes, he does have very long hair. I'm pretty sure he is part abby. He has cowlicks although they are not shown in this picture. I've had a few tell me what they think and many said part abby/peruvian. He's so fluffy! I love it! Thanks again for the comment!
  6. PooTrishy's Avatar
    He is gorgeous! I'm so glad you have him now to make sure he gets everything he needs to have a happy life =)
    Have lots of fun!