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New cage again

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Here I go again. After many times of swearing the last cage would be the "final" cage.

Here's my final cage (at least for now).

Top cage:

Bottom cage:

The boys on the top cage gets their own hay loft because they don't like to share.

It also acts as a hidey.

I'm planning to cut the plexiglass to allow the pigs to come and go for floor time and also will be adding a ramp from the top cage.

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  1. RubyRain's Avatar
    Wow! That is pretty much guinea pig heaven right there! Awesome cage, I like the fleece print too.
  2. CavAdorable's Avatar
    Oh My Goodness! This is AMAZING! I hope this is your last cage because I am jealous ! No seriously Great job, your piggies should feel very gracious you love them so much...beautiful.
  3. lissie's Avatar
    Thank you
  4. KateandOscar's Avatar
    Wow, thats amazing! I wish I had a cage like that!!!
  5. Supermissdeedee's Avatar
    AWESOME! Im wanting that fleece! Where did you get it? DON'T CHANGE THE CAGE EVER, ITS ALREADY TO AWESOME
  6. lissie's Avatar
    Thanks I got the fleece from Joann a while back. I don't think they have this pattern anymore. I didn't see this pattern when I was at the store 2 days ago.
  7. Peggysu's Avatar
    LOL. Once again nice job.
  8. kaite13's Avatar
    That's amazing! Lucky piggers!
  9. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    I love the cages. I hope you don't mind I bookmarked it so that maybe I can find someone to make something like it for my boys.
  10. lissie's Avatar
    Thank you everyone

    Deb's4Pigs, I don't mind at all. Actually I've written an instruction on how to build for someone else. It was for the cage when I had them as double deck.

    The bases of cage are still the same ones, I just removed the old legs and change to shorter leg on one of them and put the other one with no legs on the floor.

    Here's the instructions.

    List of materials: (note that my cage is 8' long, but the list here is for 6' cage because the person I wrote it for wanted 6 long cage.)

    For support frames:
    4 pieces - 2x2 Pine - cut to 6'
    4 pieces - 2x2 Pine - cut to 25"

    For outter frames:
    2 pieces - 1x4 Pine - cut to 28"
    2 pieces - 1x4 Pine - cut to 6' 1.5"
    2 pieces - 1x12 Pine* - cut to 28"
    2 pieces - 1x12 Pine* - cut to 6' 1.5"
    * The finished cage wall on the side and back are 9 1/8" high. If you would like higher walls, look for something wider than a 1x12.

    2 pieces - 1/4" thick Plexiglas - cut to 6' x 9"
    2 pieces - 1/4" thick Plexiglas - cut to 27 3/4" x 9"

    For legs:
    4 pieces - 2x4 Dry Douglas Fir - cut to 14" (for the slat on the legs).
    4 pieces - 2x4 Dry Douglas Fir - cut to the height you want your cage to be.

    Cage Floors:
    2 pieces - 3/4" thick plywood - 28" x 6'