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Guinea Pig GONE!

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I just got home from class and walked into my room to check on my piggy like I always do. I looked inside the cage and didn't see him then I looked inside his pigloo that he is always in... NOTHING! My heart started to skip beats & I thought to myself, "Oh my God, he escaped out of his cage some how and is now running loose in my apartment." Then I looked down & felt his fleece cuddle cup bed that I made him and felt a lump. There he was! He's hasn't used it at all since I made it for him so it was the last place I expected. I was extremely relieved that he was in his cage. In the past I've had dreams of my pig escaping from his cage even though there isn't any way he could. I tend to dream what I fear. Anyways, I'm so happy that he has finally used his cuddle cup I made him. It was so cute seeing him sleeping in there even though he scared me half to death. I love my furry boy.

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  1. Rnd210's Avatar
    Was he under the cuddle cup? If not how could you not see him in it? Cute story .
  2. MyLittlePiggy07's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rnd210
    Was he under the cuddle cup? If not how could you not see him in it? Cute story .
    It's made out of fleece so it's more like a sleeping bag type of thing so no I didn't see him in it since it covered him. I'm glad he is using it though.
  3. Rnd210's Avatar
    So it is a Cozy sack not a cuddle cup. I am glad he is using it then.
  4. GPigs77's Avatar
    My pigs did that once except they were in the same sack
  5. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    Haha. Glad he was safe.