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Happy 11th bday Bellie!! <3

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Today is my bestest pal Belle's 11th birthday

We celebrated with a car ride to the feedstore to pick out a bully stick and get free cookies and lovin' from the clerk, then we went on a (freezing!) walk in the snow/woods, just like we used to everyday when she was younger. Later tonight we're gonna bake some of her favorite pb and carrot dog cookies.

It doesn't seem like she should be 11 already. She's getting old, heck WE'RE getting old, . I remember when I was a kid and we lived really far out in the country, and during the summers I hardly got to see my friends because of that. Me and Bellie would walk for hours through the woods and fields, we'd walk down to the creek and I'd ride my bike on the 4 runner paths with her to the pond or this old bridge for the tractor over the creek I used to walk to, it was like my little fort/hideout. I miss those days, things were so simple, even though they didn't seem it at the time. Now I'm in college and my Belle's an old lady.

I know that she's getting older and I hope she makes it to her golden birthday (13th) but I know in my heart this probably wont happen. A lot of things have changed. She can no longer climb the steps, she cannot get in my car without help(let alone hop in the truck like she used to do with ease), her kidneys are in bad shape and could fail at any time and she no longer has the strength or energy for the walks that we both relied on. One thing that will never change though is the fact that she is my best friend. Happy 11th birthday Belle.


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  1. 1frankie7's Avatar

    Im sure you take great care of her, and I bet she'll make it into her senior years!!

    Happy birthday bellie!
  2. fresian.m's Avatar
    Awww happy birthday bellie!!!
  3. C. Cole-Chakotay's Avatar
    Happy birthday, Bellie! May you have many more.
  4. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    Happy Birthday!! She's beautiful now and adorable as a puppy.