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My Life As a Cavy Mom

R.I.P. Bear/Welcome, Tuffy!

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Such sad news has been brought to me yesterday. I woke up, and went straight to feed the piggies (I had a snow day yesterday!). I was planning on bringing Bear to the vet that day, as he wasn't feeling too well the day before. I picked him up, and he looked worse than the day before. On our way to the vet, something tragic happened to the poor little guy - Bear passed on. We don't know why he passed, or how he got sick. But all I know is that Abu is all well (although I'm positive he misses Bear).
So today, I went to the same friend's house that I got Abu from, and told her all about it. I pleaded to 'adopt' one of her piggies (she got another one after I got Abu - shame on her!) I ended up taking Tuffy, a 2 month old Silkie (or Peruvian - I can't tell which at this point). He's very tiny, yet very cute! I've put them in seperate cages that are connected for right now (until I'm 100% positive that Abu is in good health). I still really miss Bear, though. He will forever have a space in my heart.
R.I.P. Bear
Welcome, Tuffy!

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  1. Shurrim's Avatar
    Sorry about Bear
    But for quarantine your pigs shouldnt be in same room. No purpose to keep them just in splitted cage then.
  2. C. Cole-Chakotay's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear about Bear. The quarantine time should be in separate rooms. There is a sticky on one of the pages here about how to do quarantines and introductions. I'm glad you got Tuffy.
  3. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    Sorry about Tuffy. Can't wait to see pics of Abu.
  4. Madyson's Avatar
    Thanks to all! I took your advice and quarantined in seperate rooms. I'm glad to say that Abu has proven to be healthy, and the same with Tuffy!
    I'm still a bit upset about Bear (well, who wouldn't be after such an un-expected loss?). Thank you all for your support - it means a lot!

    - Madyson, Abu, & Tuffy