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Well, quite a bit of changes are coming into my life. College in the fall, moving out, new job, etc.
Oh, the best part is my new job. I was working at Mcdonalds, which was hell on earth. I've never been in such a situation where I was surrounded by hostile people who act like high schoolers. The High School kids were actually more mature than the adults. But that's okay, instead of quitting my first day like I wanted to, I stuck it out until I got a new job. I am now a dietary assistant at a nursing home. I start Thursday and I can not wait. The best thing about the job, however, is the scrubs! <3

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  1. RoxieJo's Avatar
    Congratulations! That is wonderful about the new job! I was in a situation once where I ended up having to work at a KFC even though I have a 4 year BA, simply because there were no other jobs I could find. I wanted to quit every single day. But, when you stick it out through difficult situations there is usually a reward that comes to you. Enjoy your reward
  2. Shurrim's Avatar
    Congrats!!! I worked one day at McDo XD you're far better than me! Happy for your new job!