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My Dream Cage.

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This is the cage that I would like to build sometime in the next couple of months. I have already been taking mental notes on what things I would need to get rid of to make this guinea pig mansion reality. I need to rearange my living room and get rid of one couch and that would still leave one couch and a recliner in the living room plus plenty of room for the dream cage. If I make it right, following my ideas, it should be easy to clean, although I think for some of the cage I will have to get in the cage to clean it but thats ok and I know I will probably find my kids in the cage too. (That's an idea) . I only the 3 guinea pigs right now but I would have room to rescue the perticulair 2 or 3 that I wan't. Ideally I would like to have 1 nuetored boar and 5 sows but if I can't find a boar that is already nuetored the I will only have 6 sows. I do not want more than 6 at any given time. I also know that I can't build this cage while my piggies are still babies, so I will wait till they get bigger and I have everything that I need to build it. 2 sets of fleece pads coroplast and more hideys and a bigger hay rack and more water bottles and a more tunnels. I think my piggies will have a blast in this Guinea Pig mansion or get lost in it. Maybe I shouldn't build it if they will get lost. Thoughts...........

*** update***

Since I can't build my dream cage I have made other arrangements to be able to build this other one for now. I will have this one finnished probably by feb. as I am going have purple coroplast ordered for me from one of my local sign shops (they said they could) and that is the color that I want. I am able to fit this on in my room which is why I am able to build it I just have to take my linen closet down and build it some where else not that big of deal since the bigger cage will be so worth it..

*** Update***

I can't get the coroplast in Purple as I originally wanted which sucks, but I am able to get it in my alternate color Brown so it will still look nice. I can pick up the coroplast tomorrow evening and then I can build my cage this weekend Yay. I was wanting this cage to be built long before now.
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  1. Peggysu's Avatar
    How awesome would that cage be. It would be guinea pig heaven. I think the idea of having a grid between each level is a good idea because it will make accessing certain areas of the cage easy. Having time to think about it is good, that way you can perfect it so it will be around for a while.
  2. Rnd210's Avatar
    I am also trying to mentally figure how many grids it would take and what would be good for supports since almost everyone in my house likes this design the best. I like building the cages on google sketch up first to see if I thing I will like it first before actually building.
  3. lissie's Avatar
    It looks great! I'd love to see the finished cage.
    Google sketchup can do a component count for you. I don't remember the steps, but it will show you the total grids needed.
  4. C. Cole-Chakotay's Avatar
    I'd also like to see a picture of the finished cage.
  5. Rnd210's Avatar
    It may be a while before I can actually biuld it, I have to convince other family members. My husband and kids are all for it, but my father in law lives with us instead of a nursing home and well he doesn't really share my interest so it may be a while eventhough it is my house.
  6. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    I'd like to make my girls and the boys cages bigger, but their cages and the rabbit cages have already taken over the living room. Well, and the rat cage too. There's hardly room for us.
  7. GuineaPigs Rule's Avatar
    That cage looked really nice my ideal cage would have lots of soft things in like duvay's
  8. Rnd210's Avatar
    Well my Dream Cage will have to remain a Dream, but probabably by the end of Jan beginning of Feb. I will have my 3 girls in a 3x6 with a 1x2 kitchen area or a 3x5 with a 2x4 hayloft not sure yet have to do some more planning.
  9. Rnd210's Avatar
    I ment 2x2 hayloft not 2x4