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What AWFUL timing!

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So yesterday, my pigs were fine. Everybody was happy and popcorning and having no issues whatsoever. This morning, Fred won't put any weight on his left front paw at all. I have an exam at nine that I absolutely cannot miss, but if he isn't better when I get back, and I doubt he will be, I'll be skipping my afternoon classes to take him to the vet.

I hate it when I have pigmergencies on days like this.... I'll have to have my boyfriend keep an eye on him until I get back and then go from there.

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  1. Holly&Fred's Avatar
    Knocked out the exam in an hour and was able to schedule an earlier appointment, so I'll be leaving for the vet's in about 15 minutes. He seems fine other than the foot. He's still excited for food, he's eating and drinking well, and I'm trying to keep him from hobbling around the cage as much as possible, but he seems content enough to do that too. Right now he's half asleep in the kitchen and I'm just trying to make him comfortable until we leave.
  2. Shurrim's Avatar
    I hope he will be fine and that it will be nothing
  3. Holly&Fred's Avatar
    Thanks! I got back from the vet just now. He said that he didn't feel anything broken, but the way my pig was spazzing out (he does that, that's just his personality) he couldn't really tell exactly what was wrong. He gave me some metacam and sent me home. I set off a 1x2 section of the cage for him, since I'm supposed to keep him from moving too much. It's actually really cute, his companion Ani is actually acting really concerned and upset -- she usually acts like she hates him. At least now I have the peace of mind that I know she really does like her companion.

    Anyway, the vet said it will either clear up in about 10 days or I'll see swelling or some other sign that the problem isn't a sprained wrist, which is what he thinks it is.
  4. Shurrim's Avatar
    Oh good! Hoping it's really only that. Maybe when they're back together Ani will now be all friendly with Fred.. who knows?
  5. Holly&Fred's Avatar
    Who knows, miracles do happen. He's been really inactive which is good in terms of healing, not sure what it means in terms of illness or response to the medication. Of course as I type this he decided it was time to be active for the first time today and he's ventured out to get some hay, so he may just have been napping for a while. It's just tough to tell how much stillness is conducive to healing and when it signals something wrong. Here's hoping for the best.