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Woohoo! I'm almost a proud gerbil parent.

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These gerbils have been in the works for about a week now. Towards the end of last week, my boyfriend decided he wanted gerbils. So over the weekend, I looked on to try to find some close to us, in hopes that we could get them from a rescue or shelter instead of the petstore. My boyfriend isn't quite as on-board to the whole "rescuing animals" thing as I am, so had I not found one I'm not sure how long I could have kept him from going to the pet store.

Thankfully, I found Freddy and Jason the Halloween gerbils at an animal shelter about two hours from my home. So he bought all of the supplies he needed, and I tried to contact the shelter so that I could plan the trip. The earliest we were free was today, so today it was. Unfortunately Alex (my boyfriend) had a surprise work meeting today and was unable to make the trip with me.

So here I am, half an hour before the shelter opens, sitting in their parking lot and waiting for them to open so that I can snatch the gerbils up and make my way back home in time for my own meeting this afternoon.

And guess what? It's SNOWING. I'm terrified to drive in the snow. So hopefully I can get in and out before it gets really bad here and get back home with the little cuties without any issues.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Sirene's Avatar
    Good for you for adopting, and good luck getting your new babies home safely!
  2. Holly&Fred's Avatar
    I just got back. Everybody's home safe, it didn't really snow much, which I'm VERY grateful for.
  3. C. Cole-Chakotay's Avatar
    I'm glad you're home. Enjoy your gerbils!