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It's rubbing off on my brother, lol

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I was checking this forum earlier with my little brother in my lap. He saw a picture of a single guinea pig, gasped and said "Aww! Dat pig sad! He sad 'cause he don't have a buddy!"

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  1. Shurrim's Avatar
    How cute.
  2. natashia's Avatar
    That's so cute! How old is your little brother? He's grasped not having one lonely pig before most adults!
  3. guineapigluver1's Avatar
    He turned three a couple months ago. He can comprehend a lot of things that other kids his age can't. So it does make sense that he can understand it. He had such a sad, forlorn look on his face when he said it too. Haha! Ya know that's what I thought after he said it, that he's grasped the concept before most adults.