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Puppy breath anyone?

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Meet Lady

She's a Miniature Dachshund.

Sorry the pics are kinda huge, its my first time using snapfish and apparently they don't let you resize.

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  1. wigglesgiggles1's Avatar
    Oh my, she is adorable!
  2. fresian.m's Avatar
    OH MY GOD TOO CUTE!! she's absolutely adorable, and great pics!
  3. trexgorawrrrrr's Avatar
    Love her bi colored eye! She's cute, did you rescue her? Looks like you now have a new use for the grids - keepin the puppy enclosed!
  4. anwaflynurse's Avatar
    I love puppy breath and puppy bellies!
  5. guineapigluver1's Avatar
    Oh my gosh! She is too cute!!!! So adorable!!
    Great pics, BTW.
  6. 1frankie7's Avatar

    Adorable!!! I remember when my dog was so small!
  7. brindyzoeycandy's Avatar
    Aww so cute! I love love love puppy breath!
  8. animallover2424's Avatar
    omg! ADORABLE!