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Uhaul blanket liner fun

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Well, I finished my second cage liner today and did a cage change, they'll be going in the wash tonight and I'll be seeing how my first uhaul blanket cage liner does. I wasnt' tremendously impressed with it as compared to my fleece and towels before; I think I should have added another layer of uhaul blanket. The only problem area was the kitchen, which I'll be fixing today.

After work I'm going to wal-mart to get some type of plastic bin (like a cat litter box) that I can use for the kitchen, and then once I know the measurements for that, I can make smaller cage liners that I can change sooner in the week.

This week, about halfway through the week it started smelling awful and the blankets were sopping wet, just because of my pigs doing most of their business in the kitchen. So I added another layer of uhaul blanket underneath that section and a smaller "liner" (wrapped some uhaul blanket in scrap fleece) and that did the trick, the blanket dried out and stopped smelling. So hopefully my new and improved kitchen will solve the problem.

Also, I made my liners without sides, and by nature of the pigs pooing on the edges of their cage often, a lot of poo ends up slipping underneath onto the coro. The second liner I made a little larger so that it goes up the sides a little, and we'll see whether or not that helps the problem.

Overall, I'm definitely satisfied and will be making another liner or two (to help with floor time, actually -- easier than my current setup) and hopefully some toys and accessories with the extra fleece and blanket.

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  1. SquareWheels30's Avatar
    I'm glad you were mostly happy with it! How many layers of U-Haul blanket did you end up with at the end of the week? Three?
  2. Holly&Fred's Avatar
    Three. I briefly considered making my second uhaul blanket with three layers all the way around, but I decided to make a kitchen for the pigs instead. We'll see how it holds up.