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guinea pigs; living, loving, squeaking

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well this is my first ever blog so here goes nothing...
I have had my guinea pig Jigsaw for about a year give or take a few weeks. and when it still had snow on the ground (michigan, it snows forever here) in late spring I decided that my girly needed a friend.

i got Romeo from a shelter. both pigs are short haired and really soft and super shiny i REALLY want a long-haired guinea pig i was a little miffed when the shelter didnt have any.

i had them sepperated for a few months because romeo was nutered and had to recover from the loss(dont tell him i dont think he knows whats missing) i let them together for play dates on the floor and they were good for the first month, the second month they decided it was fun to try and kill each other.

i left them in their cage (one cage split in half temporary) and switched sides on them so they lived in their buddies stink.

they get along perfect now my babys are in love. i love it this is my first time having two piggys and i will never go back to one ever again.

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  1. trexgorawrrrrr's Avatar
    Glad to here intro went good after a few bumps! I cannot wait until my GP can have a friend. Her 2x5 cage seems so empty with just one little pig running around. I just posted my first blog too!
  2. trexgorawrrrrr's Avatar
    Oh, and I forgot to mention I know what you mean about the snow! I live in IL, and pretty much deal with the same stuff. It snows and is cold forever. I totally feel your pain

    I also want a long haired piggy.
  3. aerosmithgrl's Avatar
    my room is always so freaking cold even now i open my door when i come home and its super freezing in there, my babys have this blankets to hide in so i check on them and they are toasty warm
  4. C. Cole-Chakotay's Avatar
    The piggies will love sleep saks. My girl has a couple and she enjoys getting in them and sleeping. I'm glad your little ones are keeping warm.
  5. aerosmithgrl's Avatar
    oh yes i would gladly give them one of my bed blankets rather then let them freeze their little squeakers off