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Tomorrow morning we are going to the CT Guinea Pig Rescue to meet one of their adoptables. I'm SO excited to see him! We aren't getting him tomorrow, just an intro between us and Rowdy to see if we like him (Of course I like him, I love all piggies) and if we think he would be a good fit with out little brat.

He was just neutered a week or so ago if we decide to get the little guy all we be set for us.

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  1. Ilovemypiggies1's Avatar
    That's wonderful, we live in CT too! If we decide to adopt any more piggies, is to adopt from the rescue since my 2 girl's cage is 2 x 6 and can fit up to 4 piggies!
  2. fieryone's Avatar
    I've seen that you adopted a neutered boy but I didn't see a big announcement or any pictures of him. Is this the one or did you fall in love with a different one?
  3. starshine123102's Avatar

    Yes I did end up adopting, but not Rowdy. Rowdy had a minor complication with his neuter (reaction to the sutures) and needed a second surgery to drain and abscess.

    While were there we met and fell in love with Radar a 3lb PEW. We adopted him because he seemed to be a little more at ease with us and because she said she had aharder time adopting PEWs because people thought they looked creepy. So we gave the little (well big) guy a home.

    He is doing great and the two of them get along swimmingly.

    I did make a intro post for him, but it didn't seem to recieve much attention.