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Rocky's trip to the vet

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Two days ago Rocky started up with foul smelling diarrhea. The day before we found vomit from one of the cats, and are almost positive it was Rocky. He seemed a little off from his normal self and when I weighed him he had lost two pounds within days. Today we took him to the vet (such a little attention hog and suck-up! He loved every bit of it-except when they got the fecal sample ). The vet tech weighed him (13 pounds 12 ounces) and took him out to draw some blood. Then the vet came in and did an exam whereupon she found he has a (grade 2) heart murmur. She said some cats never have a problem, others end up with problems such as congestive heart failure and to watch him and bring him in if he's ever even a little off or acting lethargic or weak or having trouble breathing. She also said we could find out more with more testing and X-rays. She did a fecal exam next and found what was causing his diarrhea- bacterial overgrowth in his stomach, for which he has to take meds twice a day for a week. The FeLV/FIV test came back as FIV+ so Rocky as well as Penny have FIV. The vet agreed with us that they probably got it in utero.
I'm guessing Princess probably has FIV. So next check-up we'll get her tested for it too.

*sigh* I think Princess has asthma so we may be taking her in sooner then when she's due for a check-up and rabies vaccination.

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