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A Real Eye-Opener

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So we get to the guinea pig rescue to get a second pig (finally) . We go to the area they are in, and see 122 guinea pigs! It is so terrible that these wonderful piggies are all homeless. During the time there, someone comes in with a surrender. We say awww, and the lady who runs the place (who was so nice) says "Don't worry. We get these all the time". It makes me feel even more sad. so we end up taking home this timid little piggy named Sadie-a Peruvian. When it comes time to put her in with Amos (my first pig) they get along well. An hour later though we have to separate them because of a fight. The fight wasn't a nip, but a full out sprawl of flying hair! Both piggies were fine, but it really didn't make me feel good. According to the man who surrendered Sadie she was with a partner. The kids, whom they got the GPs for, didn't give them much attention. The other piggy passes away, and they didn't want to get another so they brought Sadie to the shelter. It was obvious just by looking at her she was not very well cared for. It just really opened my eyes to what is happening to poor animals around the world. I was already aware of it, but didn't really experience it until then. We treated her the best we could, giving her veggies and petting her, and she really became happier and warmed up to us. I'm glad I could make a difference in her life. In the end, we took her back to the shelter unfortunatly. We do plan to try again with another pig though.

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  1. guineapig67's Avatar
    Why did you have to take her back to the shelter?
  2. piggy2470's Avatar
    My mom was too freaked out to try introducing again. I wanted to try, though.
  3. Sirene's Avatar
    I think your mom needs to read the sections on Introductions, because this behavior is quite normal. Pigs do not instantly bond, so AFTER a 3-week quarantine, the introductions have to be done VERY carefully, on neutral territory that doesn't have any piggy smell on it. Unfortunately, you can't just put a strange pig into your cage and expect everything to go well. The hair flying is apparently quite normal, and it's not recommended to separate pigs unless there is actual bloodshed. The whole experience will have been very stressful for Sadie, who will not have a clue what has happened to her, and for your own pig, who has had a strange pig invade his/her territory and then disappear. If you DO plan to try again another time, please do make sure you and your mom do the research, as it's cruel and unfair to keep putting pigs together and then separating them (or taking them back to the shelter). Here's the basic info you will need:

    Guinea Pigs Social Life