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Tried to save her... (sad story)

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My dad left in the morning with my brother to go to work. I was sleeping on the couch with Chloe (my dog) when about 15 minutes after they had left, I hear my dad screaming down the driveway for me to come outside. I didn't even think to put on shoes...I knew something was wrong.

I ran outside and down the driveway in a panic. I saw my dad standing on the side of the car, peering through the window. I run up beside him and look through it too.

I see this little kitten, maybe 6 months old, her eyes bleeding as she stumbles around the backseat of the car. I slowly open the rear door, pet her on the head and pick her up. She smells like gas and she's soaking wet.

I hold her tight againt my chest and walk into the house. My dad get's me a towel so I can wrap her in it. She bites down on the towel and begins trying to get away, scratching me and grabbing onto my shirt. I talk sweetly to her as she begins to settle.

"I found her in the middle of the street by Sonic. She was walking sideways and everyone was passing by her. I put the car sideways in the street, made your brother jump out and get her. People were clapping and giving him thumbs up." My dad said, almost in tears (he's an animal lover)

"If we don't get her to the vet, she has no chance." I told him.

I set her down in the bathtub, closed the door and called the vet. The lady told me we could bring her in right away.

I dug an old small cage out of the basement, put towels in it, against the sides on the bottom and top for padding and slowly put her inside. She started banging her head against the sides trying ever so hard to get out. I felt so bad, but there wasn't anything I could do.

We went 90 mph down the interstate trying to get to the vet as soon as possible. We finally got there after what seemed like hours. (It was really only about 15 minutes)
I took her inside, uncovered her and the ladies at the desk sighed, told me that she didn't look good at all, and took her in the back. I waited to see what they would say about her.

"She's been hit pretty bad. Her neurological state is a total loss. She has no temperature. We have no choice but to put her down."

My eyes filled with tears. "Okay. Well, it's for the best. At least we got her here so she didn't have to suffer." I said.

I left, empty cage, towels and my heart in my hands...

I've never had this happen before. It's so sad.

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  1. DaisyLily's Avatar
    Oh my gosh! I am so sorry.
  2. GuineaLove's Avatar
    I do not have any words. I am so sorry. Thank you for caring enough to try to help her.
  3. Feeorin215's Avatar
    I know. I REALLY tried my best. If she would have made it, I would have kept her. She was black and white with light brown eyes.
  4. skinnypigs's Avatar
    You and your Dad are amazing people, that is great you tried!
  5. Evelyn's Avatar
    too sad
  6. lennie's Avatar
    You guys are true heros. (:
    It's a real shame, she didn't get to live.
  7. brindyzoeycandy's Avatar
    I'm so sorry - I feel so bad. At least she didn't suffer
  8. 1frankie7's Avatar
    Just trying so hard to save her says loads about you. You did your best, May she rest in peace.

    I really just want to say I think you are a wonderful person.
  9. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    I'm sorry!!!
  10. Feeorin215's Avatar
    Wow, thank you guys. I just did what I thought was right.

    1frankie7- I just wanted to tell you that I have never been told that before. It means more than you know...
  11. blackcat1313's Avatar
    It takes someone with a big heart to do something like this. Know that you tried even though she didn't make it. Hugs to you, sweetie!
  12. Beahbeah's Avatar
    I'm so sorry you lost her, but you and your dad and brother were really heroic in this situation. She was lucky to have you looking after her in her last moments.
  13. Duffinvt's Avatar
    I am so sorry, but you did the right thing. I am so glad you and your dad took her to the vet and she did not die a long and suffering death alone by the roadside.
  14. Feeorin215's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. I'm just glad we were there for her when no one else was.
  15. Sirene's Avatar
    I'm glad you were there, too, and I bet she was, poor little soul! You and your Dad are wonderful people.
  16. cutiie_caavy's Avatar
    sooo sad you and your dad are such nice people!
  17. louie_joey's Avatar
    Poor girlie. At least she didn't die alone. You and your dad were there for her when no one else was and that's all that matters.
  18. guineapig67's Avatar
    Aww, so sad!!! Its great that you took that time out of your lives to save a little kitten. My dad would of never done that!
  19. Feeorin215's Avatar
    Thank you all for these kind words. =]
  20. Heady's Avatar
    This is making me cry so hard - like others have already said, you and your dad are fantastic, wonderful people. I'm sorry that she didn't survive. I think the time and kindness you showed her is amazing.