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The Sillyness of Guineas!

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Quick Sad intro, I recently recieve a big play tube from my friend who's ferret passed away recently. This tube looks like a big dryer vent hose, but its green and made of plastic. When I say big.. I mean big. its 8ft long and big enough round for the largest of Guineas to fit into it.

So I put this in with my girls and Heidi is immediately interested in it and starts testing is durablity with some light chewing. After about 20 minutes she works up the nerve to venture into it. Next, she starts running through it.

What happens next scared me to death, then made me laugh really hard.

This tube makes a huge arch in the girls cage. Heidi starts into the tunnel.. then stops and the tube moves and jolts a little. Then I see heidi move and do it again. She comes out goes back in and it happens again. And Im scare because I think that she is getting stuck and thats her way of working her way free.

Turns out, the silly pig is popcorning inside the tube.

Scared to death by popcorns...

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  1. Somanypets's Avatar
    What a great funny story!
  2. theresaj's Avatar
    hahahaha =] and people wonder why we love these little guys so much. How much love and joy they bring!
  3. WICavy's Avatar
    Great story! Well at lest you know she likes it right?
  4. pigsmakemesmile's Avatar
    hehehehehe...heheheh that's just tooooo much hehehe!!!!! I can picture it in my funny!