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Sure took him long enough...

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Last Sunday I moved into an apartment with a few people, one of whom has a cat (Trogdor). At first I was pretty happy because despite pretty substantial cat-proofing, the cat was taking very little interest in the pigs. All has changed now. Trogdor finally figured out how to get up on top of the cage (I didn't make it easy for him) and he loves to sit up there and watch the pigs do whatever it is that pigs do.

This isn't really a problem for me except my cat proofing isn't quite complete, and even still I'm still not comfortable letting him in unsupervised. Maybe I'm putting too much faith in a cat's rodent-eating abilities, but I'm going to run belting underneath the cage to keep it from separating too far from the coroplast, and then I'm adding a few more supports underneath as well because the cage is slightly bigger than the table it's sitting on and I would rather it not be toppled.

I think I might be going a little bit overboard here. Cats can't really get in between the grids and the coro on a 2x4, can they? The thing is, it hangs off the table slightly and the long side isn't well supported, so I'm thinking this might actually be a valid concern. Anyways that will be fixed tonight and then I *might* allow the door to be left open when I'm not in the room. It wouldn't be a problem at all but my roommate gets upset if the door stays cosed all day while we're both away, because he says the room gets stuffy. If it were me the door would just stay closed, the end.

The fun thing is, because the cage hangs off the table, the cat doesn't really have room to jump up on top of it or climb up by means of something else, so he has to put it front paws through the grids and basically scale the side of the cage. He must REALLY want to get up there to go through all that work.

My camera is fixed(!) so as soon as the room looks like people live there, I'll be posting a few pictures of the cage's new location, the cat, and all this fun new stuff.

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