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Just about ready to move.

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I just put the lid on the pig cage today. I got two five-foot pieces of 18 inch wide linen closet shelving and it fits perfectly over my cage. I zip tied the back piece all the way around every half-grid or so, and I zip tied the front piece to the back piece.

As much as I don't think a cat can lift closet shelving to get into the cage, I also know how persistent cats can be, so I'm going to get some of those velcro tabs that a/c adapter cables and the like come with wrapped around them. I'll use those and then when I'll be gone for more than a few hours, I'll add binder clips.

I think for the time being I'm going to leave the grid spacing as is. The cage is on an 18-inch high table, and is slightly larger than the table, so there's nowhere really for the cat to stand to be pawing into the cage like some people describe. If I find that he's particularly curious, I'll just have to add more grids. I have plenty of them so that won't be a problem.

I am concerned that the cage is slightly bigger than the table, though. Cats can't topple pig cages by hanging off of them, can they? I may pick up some belting at Hancock's tomorrow and loop it through the grids and under the table, and just make it easy to remove when I need to lift the cage up, just so I'm doubly sure. Heck, I may find tomorrow when this table actually meets the pig cage that I have to either attach the grids to the coro, or put another kind of support underneath to keep the cage on the table. It's a few inches short on each side, which may prove enough to let the sides fall.

The pigs seem to be enjoying the addition of the lid, it's something new to investigate and that always makes them happy. Hopefully they'll settle into their new home quickly and all will be well!

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