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Questions about a 2nd pig!

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Hi guys! So i'm super excited because i'm geting a 2nd pig finally!!! But i have some questions so if you could help thanks a ton!

1. How long do you have to keep a guinea pig in quaritine?
2. Is a 2 by 4 cage big enough for 2 female guinea pigs?
3. My guinea pig is very upbeat and curious but dosn't like to be picked up. So what kind of personality should my 2nd pig have?
4. Can you list some good girl names.
5. And last where should I introduce the pigs when the time comes? Thank you so much

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  1. PiggyKat's Avatar
    1. Here is a link to Guinealynx! It is a great site to fing info! Clickme
    2. Yes it is
    3. My pigs all have different personalities. Usually an opposite personality works, but I have only added once so I'm no expert. I know that mine all get along and they are about as different as can be!
    4. Hmm I've always like Sophia but that is me. i like to get mine home and see how the are and then think of names!
    5. Intros should be done on neutral territory and only after quarantine. There are a few topis up right now in the forums about it! CLICKME
    Hope this helps and goodluck!
  2. SFailed186's Avatar
    1. Three weeks.
    2. Yes, that is the preferred size for two sows.
    3. It'd be very difficult to pick a pig based on personality alone because it will change as their surroundings change.
    4. Autumn, Mae, Alexis, Starla, Stelle, Maeve.
    5. After the three week quarantine, you should introduce in a neutral territory. This would be a place that neither one of the pigs has been, (for example, if you keep one pig in your bedroom and the other in the living room, then do it in a family room or hallway).
  3. willowsmom's Avatar
    Thanks you guys so much!