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Moving out in a week!

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Well at long last, I have an apartment for next fall, when I'll be starting college. My roommates are Alex (boyfriend), Khan and Josh (very cool, chill, fun to be around strangers whom I just met today), and Trogdor the cat.

The a/c is via window unit, but it seems like it stays cool enough for the pigs to be comfortable, so I'm not very worried about that. They'll be in my room, with a lightly piggy-proofed cage: closet shelving zip tied and velcro'd to act as a lid. Cat seems very even tempered and probably won't be able to access the room too often, so I'm only so concerned. The shared balcony is accessed through my bedroom, though, so I definitely want some kind of cat proofing in place.

We're building a loft bed that the pigs will be housed underneath, as well as a small couch which will be great for piggy cuddle time (which, by the way, they don't particularly enjoy). It was looking like they may have had to live in a 2x3 for a while just because of room size, but the 2x4 seems like it will fit perfectly sideways underneath and leave room for the couch. The fish tank will have to go somewhere else though, my boyfriend has a 20-gallon long saltwater aquarium which simply will not fit underneath there with the pigs AND a couch.

I only just got back from vacation today, looked at the apartment this evening, and now I have a home! I'm very very excited to be moving out (exactly a week from tomorrow), and moving in, and starting school.

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  1. Peggysu's Avatar
    Congrat's! It'll be a whole new experience. Be safe and have fun.