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Rats...some questions

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Well. My animal-seeking inclined brain and I have decided that we want rats! There's several at my local small animal rescue and I find rats quite adorable and sweet little things, to tell you the truth. So. I am wondering: What is it like to own rats? Tell me about your cage setup, care schedule, and how much you spend per month on your ratties. I know rats should be kept in groups, so I am planning to get two or three males from my local rescue and house them in a 690 from Martin's Cages or some kind of Ferret Nation cage. But I haven't decided yet.

So...tell me about your rats! Do you think they are good pets? What is your care schedule like? How much moola do you spend on 'em? What accessories are in your cage and what brand/type is it?

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  1. brindyzoeycandy's Avatar
    I personally don't have rats, but I think they are adorable. I have heard they are extremely intelligent. I believe they are omnivores, and they really like lots of hammocks, ropes, etc. to climb into.
  2. Sirene's Avatar
    They're awesome pets - clean, super-smart and affectionate. And if I could just convince my husband of that, I'd have some too! :-) Make sure you post all about them when you get them!
  3. medusa_stew's Avatar
    I know they can eat chocolate:D
  4. brindyzoeycandy's Avatar
    Actually Collin chocolate for any animal isn't good, including rats.
  5. silverstream007's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by brindyzoeycandy
    Actually Collin chocolate for any animal isn't good, including rats.
    That reminds me of the time when I was little when my rat escaped from her cage (she figured out how to unhook the latch) dragged my bag of Halloween candy under my bed and ate through nearly all of it. It's a wonder she didn't get sick.
  6. GPigsRSweet's Avatar
    So sorry I don't have any advice, but I really hope you can get some rats! I heart rats.
  7. fresian.m's Avatar
    Aww I was doing a ton of research on rats... and I find them sooo cute and playful! I love my pigs, but htye don't like me... I wouldn't mind a pet that likes to interact with you more. I was thinking about rats. But at the moment my heart's set on something else...
  8. Ly&Pigs's Avatar
    You should have posted this in the forum instead of a blog.

    Rats are great pets, I've kept rats for a few years now.

    They can have tiny amounts of chocolate, dark chocolate is better for them. It helps during respiratory issues.

    If you'd like to know more about them, please let me know. I know lots about rats.