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Trying to get a 2nd pig!

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Hi guys! So I have one guinea pig her name is willow and I love her very much I would love to get another piggie but there's a problem... my mom. She dosn't think willow needs a friend even though pigs are social and NEED another pig. But my mom is so stubborn she says she dosn't need a friend and that I need to stop complaning. But i know willow would be so much happier so can you guys help I really need suggestions. Thanks

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  1. brindyzoeycandy's Avatar
    Show her articles listed on about the social life of Guinea Pigs.

    Offer to do chores in exchange for getting Willow a second friend.
  2. animallover2424's Avatar
    I did that, my mom is deciding. I might get another piggie after vacation.
  3. willowsmom's Avatar
    what do chores?
  4. Feeorin215's Avatar
    Yeah, just tell your mom, "I promise to do the laundry or the dishes in exchange for a new guinea pig to adopt." You know, like that!

    She'll probably say yes. I know I would! Good luck!
  5. katebkate's Avatar
    ask her how she would feel if she had to live alone in a cage, and she had nobody else that could speak her language, and relate to her? And make a show of being responsible with Willow (which you most likely already are), and show her infomation about them