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When Life Gives You Lemons . . .

Need a name!

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So I just got a new foster pig (totalling at FOUR pigs!!), and I need name suggestions for him. The rescue calls him Guido but I hate the name.

He's a sweet little cuddler, such a nice boy. I thought about naming him Elliott but the rest of the family didn't agree. Name suggestions?

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What do you think? Cute, huh?

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  1. lissie's Avatar
    He's very cute! Did you adopt him or just fostering? If you're fostering, are you allowed to change his name?

    How about Poby (from the word polar bear)?
  2. GuInEaPiGgIrLy's Avatar
    how about snowball? bam-bam? louie? hes so cute!
  3. louie_joey's Avatar
    Aww, he's so cute! What about...

    Just throwing around ideas. He is so adorable! Let us know what name you end up chosing.
  4. sdpiggylvr's Avatar
    He's at my house as a "sanctuary pig" -- meaning until he dies. Sad, I know. As such, he's pretty old. So he's off the "adoptables" list unless someone comes along and says I want an old pig, blah blah blah and turns out to be the poifect person. But that's rare so technically he is mine. I am allowed to call him what I want but can't officially change his name. Bah.

    Keep the suggestions coming!
  5. Amanda&Pigs's Avatar
    Aw! He's such a cute lil piggie!

    Hmmm..I'm not so good with names but I like...
  6. Silverbeat's Avatar
    Looks like an Emmet to me
  7. fresian.m's Avatar
    I still like mellow.
  8. wigglesgiggles1's Avatar
  9. Feeorin215's Avatar
    I second mellow because it reminds me of marshmallow...or however you spell it.