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What shampoo??

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My dog really needs a shower, but we ran out of shampoo. We used to have tick and lice shampoo but we didnt really like it. Do you have a suggestion on what shampoo I should buy. He is 7 monthes old and he is a border collie( long hair). I want shampoo hat smells good because he always smells really bad.


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  1. trump_cinnamon's Avatar
    You shouldn't ask questions in your blog... Ask them in the forum.
  2. NikkiPPanther's Avatar
    Oh Im sorry I was going to but I didnt what category to put it under.
  3. Feeorin215's Avatar
    I always put my questions about the other animals under "c&c cages for other animals" or whatever it's called. You could also join the social group about dogs.
  4. trump_cinnamon's Avatar
    Or, just go to the cafe. It's the off topic section