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Advice Needed!!!

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Hi my dog Zeus is getting neutered soon and I dont know what I should do to prepare for this.My mom said he will be staying overnight at the clinic(I'm not positive).I do know that I will need an Elizabethen Collar( I think that is what it is called).

Please help!!

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Updated 06-21-10 at 12:48 pm by NikkiPPanther



  1. sdpiggylvr's Avatar
    I think you mean a "cone" instead of an Elizabethan collar.

    All the dogs I've adopted have already been neutered, but I'm pretty sure your vet should've told you about what you're supposed to do prior to the operation. Talk to your parents and see if the vet told them anything. If not, have them call the vet and ask about any precautions or fasting, etc. that you need to do before the surgery.

    Good luck! I'm sure your dog will do well.
  2. GPigsRSweet's Avatar
    For the cone, I'd like to recommend the "Comfy Cone". It's much more comfortable than the plastic ones. My dog used this cone when he was neutered. The CC website: All Four Paws - Home of the Comfy Cone

    Good luck to you and your pup. Hope all will be well.
  3. NikkiPPanther's Avatar
    OK the only thing they said was to ge a cone but a the vets they are like $50. So we might just buy a different one.
  4. GPigsRSweet's Avatar
    Yeah, the Comfy Cones are very reasonably priced. At Petco (even though that's probably not the best place to buy them from) they're priced from $17-$32 depending on the size.
    Like I said before, I'd DEFINITELY recommend them, because it's so much more comfortable for the dog.

    Let me know if you have any questions about them.
  5. NikkiPPanther's Avatar
    Thats great!!! Thanks for telling me and knowing my dog and the crazy ways he sleeps he will be sooo uncomfortable in the regular cone.

    Also the e-collar is another name for cone.