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Bella is quite the distraction while trying to get some homework done. Zoomies are so much more fun to watch than doing school work.

I have a 5 page psyc paper due Thursday, a 4 page history paper due Thursday as well. Next Tuesday I have an exam in Adolescent Development; Wednesday I pick classes for next semester AND have my test for my commercial driver's license and Thursday I have a section of my project for my adolescent development class. Those are just assignment due dates. Add in reading 30ish page chapters for four classes for each day the class meets and I'm about ready to explode. Does the work never end?!?!?!

Between my addiction to "The Secret Life of the American Teenager", my piggle, Facebook and this site I have ZERO motivation to do my work and get distracted about every 20 minutes.

Well, back to the next 20 minutes of productivity.

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  1. WICavy's Avatar
    haha Well at least you get 20 minutes of productivity! Besides, they say working in small intervals is very effective
  2. starshine123102's Avatar
    Haha, thanks for the inspiration!