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My Life and the Animals I Love

Going home to Texas for Spring Break!

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I am so happy to be going back home to Texas for spring break! I get to go and see all of my hoofed babies! I have missed my horses so much since moving to NYC for school, I was previously planning to have them shipped over to a stables in upstate, but I decided it would be much to stressful on them and I do not know the people who would be caring for them on a daily basis, thus, I do not trust them around my horses. They are safer in the hands of my family anyway . I am also looking forward to meeting all of the new rescues my family has taken in! It will sure be a heck of a vacation!
I am nervous about leaving my animals here behind guinea pigs will be taken care of by a friend and I have left the name a number of a couple of cavy vets 'just in case'. But I am sure they will be just fine. I have spent quite a bit of money on getting my many aquariums fitted with light timers and fancy automatic feeders but they will be monitored as well to make sure equipment is properly can always count technology, things happen.
I will be taking my dog with me, he is going to have so much fun having the run of the ranch again for a little while.
The only bad side to this is in the country, there are hardly any vegan options. For sure no restaraunts, and very little at the store. I guess I will be eating veggie stir frys and salads for awhile . Its okay though, its totally worth it!

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