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Weird things your guinea pig does

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My piggies like to make a lady and the tramp scene and they eat parsly until their noses meet. is is so cute!!!

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  1. ggehman's Avatar
    Im not sure how this site works yet, but I am trying to figure out how everyone puts fleeces down in their cages. Where do the piggies go to the bathroom. I've had my 8 week old piggie for 1 week now and she poops anywhere in her cage and pee's in 2 different corners. How do the blankets work?
  2. chewy's Avatar
    I have one pig that likes to put most of her poops in certain places but then the other one sems to let them go where ever he feels like. They do have their favorite spots to pee but there are enough of them that I just change their bedding every 3-4 days. I layer towles about 4 thick and then I have a layer of fleece that I put on top. On top of that I have to put another full fleece blanket that wraps up around the edges surrounding the whole coroplast because Harley like to poop in corners and the poop will stick to the towels and makes for harder clean up. Some people do put more layers under the fleece where their pigs pee the most but I just like to get a clean fresh cage a couple times a week so more towels wouldn't do much for me. hope this helps
  3. ggehman's Avatar
    Wow. that is a lot of work. Is it possible to really liter train them? Thanks for your reply.
  4. chewy's Avatar
    my little girl doesn't pee on my floor when out for play time but my boy will..I think it depends on the pig. Usually they will drop a few little poops here and there even if they are pretty good about where they go but the pee is the biggest mess anyway. I tried to litter train in their cage but they olny played in it and it took up floor space. The towel/fleece bedding is a lot of work but it saves money in the long run, looks nice and my pigs just love when their bed gets changed, popcorning and talking away. Good luck with your new baby
  5. ggehman's Avatar
    Thanks so much. The pet store told me that guinea pigs never go to the bathroom outside of their cage...LOL Last night my little Bella peed all over the couch and this morning on the rug... I'm thinking its probably better to give her free run on in my kitchen for floor time, instead of the living room carpet. Can I ask another question? Bella purrs when ever you hold her and pet her and she talks non-stop, I have read on some sites it means they are happy and other sites it says it means they are annoyed?? Also, is it mean to only have one piggie, I have read that it is????
  6. 1frankie7's Avatar
    Piggies are very social animals. and do way better in pairs, it's best for them. Purring means they are happy.
  7. ggehman's Avatar
    Thanks. Now, I know I am inexperienced, but she is a climber. IF I put a small gate around the kitchen or whatever, she climbs over it. She can climb my stairs and seems to try to climb out of her cage. I was also told Guinea pigs do not climb. Very confused. I think I have to put a top on my cage cause I'm nervouse she will climb out... Has anyone heard of a GP that can climb?
  8. GPigsRSweet's Avatar
    Some pigs are climbers, some aren't. Sounds like you have a climber. I'd recommend putting a top on your cage!
  9. ggehman's Avatar
    Interesting. I had no clue they could climb at all. I did a lot of reading before getting her and everything said "They don't climb". I was shocked to see her coming up my stairs with my dog when I thought she was safely in the pen in the kitchen. She startled me. She climbs on her igloo, she jumps off, any box I give her to play in she jumps on top of.. I actually started to think that because I got her from a pet store that maybe she was breed with another animal?
  10. GPigsRSweet's Avatar
    Well, sometimes male pigs climb if they want to get to the female that is in another cage...but I'm not sure why they would want to climb other than that. And, I don't think she was bred with a different animal.