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Poop, Poop and more Poop!

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I have three female Guinea Pigs. I use bedding in the kitchen area and a beach towel of the rest of the area. I have a 2x5 cc cage. I change the towel everyday and broom it twice a day. By the next day it is smeared with poop. It isn't the urine that is the problem it is the poop. Even if I used fleece it is the same thing. Do you think I am giving to much greens. I have to wash their little feet weekly, all poopie!

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  1. animallover2424's Avatar
    I have one (got him yesterday) and I would say he pooped well over 70 poops and they get stuck to my clothes...yuck...and then my dogs try to eat them.
  2. Kareen's Avatar
    Healthy guinea pig poops should not be "smeary", they should be little oval balls.

    I would suggest going on the forum and reading about healthy nutrition to find out what you might be feeding that is causing these types of poops. You can also post a question with your current menu to get ideas on how you can change it.
  3. chewy's Avatar
    Guinea pigs poop should be an olval shape and not smeary. If you go to some other sites it will give you a list of foods that the can eat and how many times a week you should feed it to them.
  4. Cookie&Oreo<3's Avatar
    I have the same problem, the poop smears for me because they step in it :O I have to spot clean everyday but it works!