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Popcorn the mighty!

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Since so much has been about her sister lately, thought I would blog a bit about Popcorn. She is my loud, dominant, tempermental piggy. Over the 2+ months since we got her, things are on "her terms" she would fight being held, petted etc. I have been going slow with her. During "lap time" she would twist, roll around and just be jumpy about being petted etc. I have always been worried about her nipping me because she does nibble/bite from time to time.

Last night however, I decided to let her explore me. What an experience that was! I was very nervous at first. I sat on the couch and let her climb up by neck, which I had been avoiding in fear of her nipping my ear or something. Much to my suprise, she did not nip me! She sniffed in my hair, nibbled on my hair clippy a bit and ate some veggies while perched on my shoulder. When she had sufficiently explored my hair (which is mid shoulder blade length so plenty to hide in) and neck area she came back down to my lap spread out, ate some veggies and chittered while I pet her very calmly.

I think last night we both came to an understanding. She is her own piggy and holding, petting are on her terms and she will respond with love and relaxing after she shows you who is boss. I am hoping this is a breakthrough with the two of us!

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  1. Sirene's Avatar
    Congrats - that's a real breakthrough! I have a piggy who sounds just like that - he's always trying to burrow under my arms or climb up me when I pick him up. I think I'm going to try and let him explore next time and see what happens!
  2. Katrinah's Avatar
    That is exactly what Popcorn would do, she would fight, try to burrow under my arms etc. Last night I decided to just let her climb around on me (still wouldnt let her under my arms though hehe) and was very suprised with the result when she got to "explore" me.