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Filled in Adoption Entries!

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And the adoption lady said I am most likely going to be the preferred candidate for these two lovely ladies.

Aren't they perfect? Poor Leylah has been through so much, I really do hope she goes to best home, even if that's not mine.

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  1. wigglesgiggles1's Avatar
    They are adorable!
  2. 1frankie7's Avatar
    good luck!!! they really are adorable!
  3. chrisandpiggers's Avatar
    They are so cute! Abby's are such lovely pigs.
    Do you think you will keep their current names or rename them?
  4. GPigsRSweet's Avatar
    Hope you can adopt them - they are ADORABLE!
  5. PiggyKat's Avatar
    Oh my look at the faces! I am sending good luck your way Snow! I hope you get them! You deserve it!
  6. SnowPrincess's Avatar
    Thanks you so much for the lovely comments! I really do hope I can get Leylah. Georgia is apparently highly sought after, so if she get another home I will disappointed but understand.
    Leylah though really deserves some TLC, and I would love to be the one to give it.
  7. vickyangel3's Avatar
    They are really cute - hope all goes well for you!
  8. Sirene's Avatar
    That's great news, Snow, keeping my fingers crossed that it works out for you and those gorgeous piggies!
  9. 1frankie7's Avatar
    Well, I hope you get the pig's you want, .
  10. pinky's Avatar
    There's nothing more exciting than waiting for the adoption confirmation. Whenever I get to do an adoption, I feel like there's so much positive energy. It's one of my favorite things to be involved with. Good luck!