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Big day!

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Today I officially became Cavy Slave! Just had to blog about it he he.

I place my order for two piggie bedspreads with Jens Custom Crafts, one baby yellow an one baby pink. On Saturday I will be purchasing my doggie playpen which I is converting to home. I is then buying a pack of sixteen grid to make an upper level and staircase. Using strong plastic shower curtain as corflute alternative. This venture is cost roughly $200, but well worth it!

I am so proud of my design, cannot wait to get started! Then I is placing my adoption form in. Hopefully this will be complete two weeks and half from now, as I is so excited!

Walt (my cat) has been desexed. He deal with it very well, such brave boy. He was desexed when we got him from RSPCA, but he retain testicle an poor boy had to have done twice!

I is so proud of my beautiful fur family.


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  1. 1frankie7's Avatar
    Aw, glad mr. cat(thats what I call most cats) is fixed.

    Good luck ith the cage building, have fun!! But, I must say. When your done the cag, You must post pigtures of it =)!
  2. GPigsRSweet's Avatar
    Congrats on become a "cavy slave". You will really become one when you adopt your pig - which is hopefully soon!! How exciting!
  3. 1frankie7's Avatar
    EEK! *cage
  4. SnowPrincess's Avatar
    I will post lots of pigture! Yes he is happy kitty now
  5. suzilovespiggie's Avatar
    Congradulations. Hope you can get some piggies soon.
  6. SnowPrincess's Avatar
    Won't be too long now! Very excited!
  7. PiggyKat's Avatar
    Horray Snow! Isn't it fun being a cavy slave?
  8. chrisandpiggers's Avatar
    Glad Walt is well.
    How many piggies you are planning on getting?

    Oh, and can I please ask where you found the grids?
  9. SnowPrincess's Avatar
    Bunnings. Is you in Victoria?

    Two piggie to begin with.
  10. SnowPrincess's Avatar
    Also, here's online link: Storage Unit - Collapsible Grid Design with 4 Fabric Drawers / Boxes - Chairs & Tables - Australia

    They sold out though. If you try contacting them, lets me know!
  11. chrisandpiggers's Avatar
    I bought them at Bunnings too, but they are soo expensive!

    I was talking to one of the help centre representatives and they said that it was unknown when the product will be restocked. I'm going to check back every couple of days to see it is back in stock. I'll let you know when I know!
  12. SnowPrincess's Avatar
    Thanks you so much! Much cheaper on dealersdirect