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Shadow and the ongoing abcess battle

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So I took Shadow to the vet on Friday to re-check the abcess under her neck. While it has shrunk considerably, the vet was still able to get puss out when she lanced it with a needle. So after 3 weeks now? Still have to keep doing the antibiodics, soaking, flushing, squeezing. I so want this to go away, she is such a trooper but I know this whole process is wearing on her. I know she also just wants to be back with her sister in one big, undivided happy cage.

If you do not know the history it is in this thread just decided to blog the progress rather than posting so I have a place I can post my thoughts.

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  1. 1frankie7's Avatar
    Oh, Good luck Shadow!!! I really hope she gets better soon!
  2. pinky's Avatar
    Have you tried cleaning it out with a Qtip? If you allow it to heal on the outside, the infection won't clear up. I would clean it out twice a day with a Qtip and squeeze Neosporin into the hole. It took awhile for my guinea pig's abscess to go away but I only had to bring her back to the vet once, shortly after the first visit. It healed completely. The pocket needs to be kept clean. My vet said that warm compresses alone might not be enough.
  3. Katrinah's Avatar
    When we first started this journey the lump was the size of a very large grape, as of yesterday its more a pea size. We have been following our vet's advice of the antibiodics twice daily, soaking to keep the incisions soft 3x a day and doing the flushing with warm saline mixed with Povidone Iodine (Betadine) and squeezing the area to expell puss and the thick infected tissue. My vet did not suggest using Neosporin because of the location and if ingested could make her more sick. We are on the home stretch and our vet feels within the next week, given the progress, we should be able to let the cuts heal, keep the antibiodics going for another week and she will be good to go.

    I had also when we started this verified everything on guinealynx to make sure we were doing everything for her and they have support on not using neosporin unless needed. "WARNING: Most antibiotic creams contain antibiotics that must not be ingested. Make sure these ointments are used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary."
  4. pinky's Avatar
    My guinea pig had her abscess on the upper bridge of her nose, which made it impossible for her to ingest it. I separated her from her cagemate since she was the one that bit her so there was no risk of her ingesting it, either. You're right about the danger or ingesting it. The QTip does work well, though. It completely cleans out the pocket so that there is no pus left at all. I'm glad to hear that it's healing nicely. Abscesses can be really serious. My vet was concerned about the infection spreading to her brain due to the location. We had a 100% recovery and she lived a full life after that with no recurrence.
  5. Katrinah's Avatar
    Well, took her to the Vet on Monday and she is free and clear on the abcess YAY!!! But the other reason for the vet visit on Monday was due to her breathing was labored and she was making a clicking noise. The vet said her lungs sounded good but there was head congestion so she prescribed a form of Bactrim for the next 10-20 days. Since she finished the Baytril on Sat the Vet wanted to use a different antibiodic for the possible URI. She had lost a slight bit of weight but nothing dangerous. As of this morning (Weds) she is maintaining weight, even gained about 20g from Monday and her breathing is much better. She is coming out of her hidie eating more which makes my heart much lighter (since was hand feeding her the past two days).

    The Vet looked at her Monday and said "you just cant seem to stay out of trouble can you?" I am hoping this will be the last thing and she can get back to being healthy and back with her cage mate.