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L0la, The Pregnant Piggy

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I am so happy today! I found out yesterday that my L0la is pregnant.

They only felt one baby, but there is a high chance that there could be way more. I hope that everything goes well ,because I am really not in the mood to take her all the way to the vet. This is her first time. If something does happen I am prepared for the worst. The vets office is down the road from me! I wish she would have them so I can quit worrying about her while I am away!!!

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  1. Peggysu's Avatar
    Did you breed her on purpose?
  2. ppqppq's Avatar
    No, there is a thread somewhere detailing it, but the piggie was pregnant when coojoe got her.
  3. coojoe135's Avatar
    no When I got her for Christmas she was already pregnant for supposly 2 weeks.