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New Cage :)

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I went from a 2x6 to a 4x4. The piggies love it! I can't open my wardore door that much, but its worth it! I had to rearrange my bedroom but it only took about 15 minutes. I just have to get cable ties because I couldn't find my old ones.

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  1. 1frankie7's Avatar
    Aww, I'm sure your girls are happy!
  2. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Alice got out today when I was in school! She must have pushed the grid and it moved because I don't have cable ties on it.( I got them today ) The poor little thing was screaming her head off cos she didn't know how to get back in!
  3. 1frankie7's Avatar
    aww poor piggy! But she's okay now.