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New piggie (hopefully)!

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I finally found another guinea pig to rehome!! I'm going to name her Tilly. Now Milly,Molly and Tilly names match! The women I'm buying Tilly off, her sow had a mistake pregant guinea pig. She is not a breeder and she said that the babies only g to good homes and no breeders. There is no fee and I am going to meet her tomorrow to choose between two females. They are two weeks now,so I can get her in two weeks. I wish I could get the two of them because I have the space for them. Maybe.(I wish! )Thats a great christmas pressie for Milly and Molly.
I can't wait!!!!

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  1. Seonta's Avatar
    What is stopping you from getting both of them? I only plan to get three but I could have four probably. Don't know yet, have to find out how my finances work.
  2. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    My mam hates guinea pigs
    Maybe I can get her to let me get the two
  3. Tessa Bea's Avatar
    Aw, four wouldn't be much more trouble than three, but it's best not to go against your Mam's wishes. I'm glad she's at least letting you adopt one! How big of a cage will they all live in?
  4. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Yay!!! I'm allowed to get the two! I saw the two of them today and the mother. The two of them are the image of the mother! (and each other, I don't know how I'm going to tell them apart! ) I can get them next week! They are white,black and orange and so is the mother. The women got her out of a petshop and she was pregant. I am going to name them Alice and Tilly
    They will be living in a 2x6. I ordeared the grids on Ebay and I'm waiting for them to arrive so I will have them before I get Tilly and Alice
  5. Seonta's Avatar
    I'd check the gender if you could before you got them. But you probably already knew that.
  6. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Yeah I checked and the woman bought them to the vet to make sure aswell
  7. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Tilly and Alice are now happily living in a 2x6 with Milly and Molly Just thought to give a update