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Ungrateful pig!

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I bought Jackie a special bed from WindeSpirit ( with foam to help his arthritic back. I got it with Care Bears on the fleece since he likes Care Bears. It cost like $20. Where does he sleep? Rolled up in a piece of brown paper I brought home from work!!

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  1. Ly&Pigs's Avatar
    Oh my, that's just too funny!!!
  2. sophistacavy's Avatar
    He sounds like my cat, Charlie. We'll buy him the latest and greatest cat toy, but his favorite toy of all time remains a pingpong ball sized crumpled up ball of paper.

    I bought this small dog/cat bed from WalMart for my piggies, and I don't think I ever actually saw them in it the last time it was in their cage. I did find pee and poops in it though, so they must've gone in it at some point.

    There aren't any poops or pee spots in there?
    Wow, what a way to be grateful!
  3. Paula's Avatar
    Pigs in general are an ungrateful lot. It's a rare treat when somebody actually uses and seems to enjoy something I make for them or buy them special. Alas, I keep trying, and I feel your pain.
  4. pigsmakemesmile's Avatar
    I visited the link...thankyou, I added it to my favorites. My pigs seem to enjoy the less obvious....paper bags, cadboard. My one pig enjoys moving his ceramic food dish around the pen.