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Goodbye, Jackie

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Poor little Jackie died in his sleep last week. He was 6 and a half years old. At least he died peacefully, with a butt full of poop (his favorite way to be).

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  1. wigglesgiggles1's Avatar
    Aw R.I.P Jackie. I am sure he had an awesome life and you took the best care of him. My best wishes to you.
  2. MissMonkey's Avatar
    Awww, im sorry. RIP Jackie
  3. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    RIP Jackie
  4. Paula's Avatar
    I meant to comment on this when I saw it the other day, Salana. I'm very sorry to hear about the world's dumbest guinea pig. I hope you can find comfort in knowing he lived his life well loved.
  5. 1frankie7's Avatar
    R.I.P jackie!
  6. Tessa Bea's Avatar
    Sorry for your loss.
  7. Peggysu's Avatar
    I'm sorry for your loss.
  8. xERICx's Avatar
    Aw, I am very sorry for your loss.
    May he rest in peace.
  9. guineapiggirl1's Avatar
    I had a guinea pig named Jack (we called him Jackie) who also died at 6 1/2 years old, but in my mum's arms. I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, RIP Jackie