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The new pig table (Pics up)

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Well, the pigs are finally getting their own piece of furniture, mostly so that I can have the space underneath the cage for storage. Now that they'll be a few feet off the ground, I'm having some slight anxieties about them trying to climb out of the cage and falling to their deaths.... or injuries. But they haven't climbed out yet, the height can only be a deterrent, right?

Now, this is all pending their much-needed cage expansion. Which is pending me picking up their choroplast. Problem being.... fitting a full sheet of choroplast into a sedan. No clue if this stuff will roll, or bend, or what. I just know that flat, there's no way it'll fit in my car. Hopefully someone else can help me out here.

Other than that piggy Christmas was a success. Soon their new system will be up and running, including finally getting hay by the bale instead of in the pet store bags. I'll save so much I can buy them twice the veggies. Yay.

Well, the table and the new coro are finally done! The white cage isn't the one I'm using; white just stands out too much for me, I have grey grids that I'll be using instead. Just gotta do those, get bigger fleece, and add pigs! -- I'll be adding just one more picture when I do.

Here's the pig table! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

There's a ridge that runs along all four sides of the table top to prevent any cage mishaps/fallings (however unlikely).

This one shows the shelf that runs along underneath for storage. It's high enough up to fit a square bale of hay in a box on the ground.

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  1. lissie's Avatar
    You can roll coroplast.
    Rolling Coroplast - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
    I have a Honda Accord and rolled-up coroplast fits in the back seat.