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New Pigs!

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So I haven't been on for a very long time, because I've been busy with school and everything. But a few months ago I adopted 2 guinea pigs. Dinah, a (white and brown) long hair, and Lily, a (black and white) short hair. Dinah has integrated into the main herd (Star, Pudge and Pix) very well, but Lily has quite a few dominance issues. She is very territorial and will not put up with any roomies what so ever, so she is in her own separate cage. Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon.

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  1. Pigluv's Avatar
    :O Your iPiggy2288!
    I love your videos! I'm "iPigx" from YouTube! I tell everyone about you!
    By the way... Dinah is so adorable, poor little haircuts! :P