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Shop Vacs, aromatherapy, tables, and PIGS

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What a Christmas. now that it's all said and done, the focus is back on the pigs.

Ani's making leaps and bounds as far as confidence is concerned, I think Fred's having a positive influence. Occasionally she'll come out of her hidey to say hello when I'm cleaning, and our Christmas present from her was the knowledge that yes, she can actually make noises, and she wheeks incredibly loudly. The first time my mother heard it she asked who was screaming. She still wheeks from the safety of the pigloo, but hopefully soon I'll have two noisy pigs trying to climb up the sides of the cage every time veggies enter the room.

I got a shop vac for Christmas and I'm trying to introduce it slowly into the pigs' lives in the hopes that one day I can use it to clean the pigpen (I mean, cage) without them having heart attacks. Then again, the dog's 12 years old and he still runs from the vacuum, so we'll see i they ever get used to it.

Another gift was an aromatherapy kit. I'm not too concerned with it negatively impacting the pigs' health, as the smell isn't as strong and doesn't stick around nearly as long as incense does. My only musing is if the topical treatments are safe for pigs. My automatic assumption is absolutely not. I found a great flea preventative recipe that's safe for dogs and cats, but I'm not gonna harm my poor fuzzies because I'd rather not spend the money on Advantage.

And a mere three hours ago we went to Lowe's and began the construction of a pig table, so we can finally get them off the ground (without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a table big enough for a 2x4).

Oh right, and the pig table means that the cage will FINALLY be expanded to a 2x4, the recommended (but not minimum) size for 2 pigs. They're doing alright in the 2x3 for the time being, but a month is long enough of them stuck in this arrangement, it's time for a bigger cage.

So as soon as I get paid again the piggies will be getting choroplast and Advantage (fleas, yuck!). I think they've made out pretty well this holiday season (and it's not over yet, my birthday's coming up in a month and they're getting chamois and a wooden hidey).

Yay Christmas. A merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone.

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  1. 1frankie7's Avatar
    I did not know guinea pigs could get fleas?
  2. Spike&Cookie's Avatar
    That is the same thought that I had. I didn't know they could get fleas. Or are you just wanting to prevent it?
  3. Holly&Fred's Avatar
    Nope they can definitely get fleas.
  4. Spike&Cookie's Avatar
    so WHAT HAPPENS THEN OR MORE WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO PREVENT THEM? Did the advantage work or do you have some other idea. Maybe just a smaller dose??? Also I can't remember if I read somewhere about them getting lice as well ? Ok well I hope things are good on your end. Take Care and I will catch up with you soon and hopefully be able to get some pics up
  5. Holly&Fred's Avatar
    Advantage works fine to treat fleas. I still haven't purchased any, I put some essential oils in my diffuser for a few days and I haven't noticed any fleas OR any scratching on the pigs' parts. But I've been told it definitely works. Yep they can get lice too if I remember correctly, you'd have to check guinealynx to make sure. From my understanding they only really get fleas from other animals (i.e. my dog could've passed them on) but that may be a misconception.

    Thanks, things are good on my end. Got my coro and I'll be making their new cage Saturday. Then we can move the table into place and I'll have some pictures up when the new setup is done.

    A second floor may be in the works as well.... we'll see about that one though.