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Tehdoc's Quote of the Day!! A Two-for

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Hello world of Guinea Pig cages. Just taking a break from studying to make a quick blog post because I have come up with a fantastic Idea. I'm going to start Posting some of my all-time Favorite Quotes! I don't know how often I'm going to be doing it. But I thought it would be a fabulous way to keep myself on the blog section of the site. I'm thinking this could possible be a weekly or a few times a week thing.

These Quote are going to come from anywhere. Funny things said here on the site, books I've read, real people I know, politics. etc. If there has been something said that I like and think needs to be shared. I'm going to share it. This first post is going to be a two-for, meaning two quotes this time Since its my first time. Here we go.

Quote Originally Posted by Douglas Adams
... Arthur felt happy. He was terribly pleased that the day was for once working out so much according to plan. Only twenty minutes ago he had decided he would go mad, and now here he was already chasing a Chesterfield sofa across the fields of prehistoric Earth.
and on a more serious tone.

Quote Originally Posted by Neitzsche
The is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness.

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  1. Somanypets's Avatar
    If your pulling quotes from Douglas Adams, have you read "Red Dwarf"?

    Holly: Rude alert! Rude alert! An electrical fire has knocked out my voice-recognition unicycle! Many Wurlitzers are missing from my database! Abandon shop! This is not a daffodil! Repeat, this is not a daffodil!
    That's from the show not the books. British humour is great!
  2. Somanypets's Avatar
    wow.. sorry I tried to do that quote thing and it totally didn't work.
  3. tehdoc809's Avatar
    I haven't read the book, but I have all 8 season on DVD, its fantastic!