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Dark urine?

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I have two male guinea pigs both a little over a year old, today I noticed dark orangeish brown urine on the white plastic floor part of their cage where their food bowl is. I wiped it up with a paper towel and it does not look like blood to me. Last night and this morning they had fresh Swiss chard and this vegetable is new for them so I was not sure if that could have caused the color of this urine? Some of the leaves of Swiss chard were dark purple and some were green so I thought maybe it could have came from that. if anyone has any advice or have experienced this from feeding their guinea Swiss chard please comment or let me know because I am concerned.

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  1. Squiggles's Avatar
    Might be easier to post in the forum next time instead of a blog. We'll be able to see it much easier then. Is it dark when it's fresh? If you see it when it's not fresh, that's the color when it oxidizes, which is perfectly normal. If it's fresh and that color, it could have to do with their diet. This link might help you, and hopefully put your mind at ease a bit.
  2. Sieraaaxd's Avatar
    Sorry I didn't realize there were different places to post it , I rarely use this to post things I usually just learn by reading what everyone else posts the urine was dark when it was fresh, it's no longer that way so I believe it was from the purple swiss chard i fed them.