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My 3 year old now guinea pig has some serious skin issue

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My 3 years old American short haired guinea pig has been having some skin issues. About a year ago we noticed he was losing his hair due to his sibling mounting him. We separated them but hair was still falling out. We switched his bedding to the SoFresh allergen free bedding. It seemed to help until he had started to lose his hair again. Now for about a month or more I?ve noticed he itches and bites and scratches a lot. He itches to the point of bleeding. For a week now I?ve been bathing him and scrubbing the dead and dry skin that has accumulated on him. Yesterday I gave him an oatmeal bath to make his skin not as dry but today it?s just so cracked.

My mom mom is gonna buy Vitamin E capsules to put on his skin to help with the cracked skin. I was told to dab Tea Tree oil on his skin, which I?ve been doing, to clean and disinfect the area and to, if there is, kill any bacteria growing on him.

My experience with these pets grows now for over 10 years. I am starting to wonder if there is a viral fungal infection we can?t see and is within the body itself. Currently I?m too broke to offers vet bills and am in dire need of natural remedies.

Thank you.

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