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Is my Guinea pig Milton a rare Guinea?

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Hello everyone! I was wondering if my Guinea pig Milton is a rare silkie Guinea? As you can see in the pictures he is gray all over his body and a tint of a brownish color when you look at him in the light, he also has some white highlights on his face and head, and when you look Milton's eyes in the light you can see that he has red eyes with a little blue in it. I do follow a lot of Guinea pig accounts on my instagram and I have never seen a gray silkie that looks like milton. So I feel really confident that he's a pretty rare Guinea 😉
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  1. My Squeakhearts's Avatar
    His face looks like an agouti to me, but you're right, I haven't seen many piggies that look like him on here. He's absolutely beautiful, by the way! I might just have to pignap him
  2. PiggygirlsMama's Avatar
    I have no idea. But he is sure as hell adorable!
  3. CupcakeCavy's Avatar
    He does have a fairly rare coloring! He is gorgeous by the way
  4. CAVYXX's Avatar
    He is like my guinea pig chocolate. Yours is an agouti.
  5. JocelynsGoobies's Avatar
    Thank you