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Two girls new Boy, Ash is a happy Piggy

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Since Jack past away Ash has been by himself, he seemed happy but always stayed inside his hay, I felt really bad because we have the two girls (very young) and he hears them above him in their own two story cage. We recently decided to get Ash a new buddy but I was hesitant because Jack was his brother and they were bonded pretty good. I saw a family was downsizing their piggy's because they were now in an apartment and just fell in love with "Charlies" photo, he was exactly like our girl Kelly an orange and white Abyssinian.

When we brought Charlie home we set up the living room with a nice fleece blanket and a couple of hiding spots, there was some hard lovin in the first hour but nothing major and then everything went good they sat side by side and ate together. I think Ash really wanted this so made this transition easy.

they are total BFF's now

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  1. Piggienewbie510's Avatar
    How cute! Thank you for sharing