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Nemo's Trimming

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My goodness, I never realized what a well-behaving guinea pig I got! Not only is Nemo already showing off a bit of a cuddly side like I wanted, but he was a model Peruvian during his first trimming at his new home. I got him some carrots to munch on while I clipped his fur, not really expecting him to pay them any attention, but to my surprise the little guy went right to eating them. My mother was on standby to make sure he didn't run off or move too much while I clipped him, but most of the time he didn't even move an inch. Not once did he buck or kick, or tug away while I was working on him. I'm guessing his old home must have trimmed him before themselves so he's used to it.

He's only been here a few days and I already adore him, he's such a sweetie pie! I feel really lucky to have gotten him, especially as my first long-haired. Hopefully he'll get to stay with me a long time... And I can improve my trimming skills, . I cut his bangs above his eyes in a straight line, and I don't really like the look xD Unfortunately I have no pics for this blog, completely forgot about that , but soon I'll have to add some on or something hehe.


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  1. netesingh's Avatar
    wow .....that's really nice, my piggies do lot of tantrums when I groom them....
  2. ZiggyTwigg's Avatar
    My piggies chuck a tantrum also when they are being groomed