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suffering, scratching!!!

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I'm having 6 guinea pigs & confused whether they are having mites or dandruff, after giving ivermectin dose , yesterday I saw brownie had white dandruff like particles near his eyes nose and back.

previously I have used ivermectin and it had worked this time after two dose still no effect, and they are scratching and pulling there hairs, , even vet gave one spray that didnt worked, please give some advice.

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  1. Naya1114's Avatar
    My Guinea pig have dandruff, so I went to the vet and she told me it's just dry skin, (probable because I washed my pigs lately) also try looking through its fur, my Guinea pigs reacently had lice and we cured them within a day or too using addvantig. Hope I help.
  2. netesingh's Avatar
    Even I scan there fur & found that it was not dandruff but mites, so I gave them dose of ivermectin , its working Its such a relief after 1 or 2 dose they'll be fine.